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New Care Plan Answer Book 3.0 Edition PDF format

New Care Plan Answer Book 3.0 Edition PDF format


The New Care Plan Answer Book for Activity, Psychosocial and Social Work Programs: MDS 3.0 Edition

A Partner in Definitive OBRA Care Plan Compliance

A “mandatory” text for Activity and Social Work Professionals! This book has been thoroughly revised to assist in the development of realistic and meaningful care plans. The revised MDS 3.0 edition includes in-depth information on the Resident Assessment Instrument (MDS 3.0 and CAA’s). New and/or improved sections include: Adjustment to Loss and Changes, Behavior Management, Cognitive Impairment, Treatment of Depression, Community Integration, Delirium, Discharge Planning, Sensory Integration, Leisure Time Management, Spiritual and Pastoral Needs, Mental Illness and Volunteer Work. Additionally, an extensive Glossary and Index have been added to make the text even more “user friendly.” Over 100, full-fledged care plans that demonstrate how to apply the “learned information.”

(Steven C. Greenwald, LCSW, Traci Pareti, CTRS and Esther J. Davis, CTRS, 296 pages, 2011)

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  1. Table of Contents
  2. Adjustment to Aging, Loss, Separation and Placement
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