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Revolutionary OBRA/JCAHO Formatted Care Plan Book -PDF format

Revolutionary OBRA/JCAHO Formatted Care Plan Book -PDF format


You may now stop handwriting original care plans and re-inventing the wheel! We’ve written them for you using a team of interdisciplinary long-term care experts. You might even call this book the paperwork reduction act! This book now contains 151 original, pre-written care plans addressing resident needs within the context of OBRA and Joint Commission standards. All you need to do is copy the specific page and fill in the blanks. In some cases, you may want to incorporate these care plans into your own computer system. Yes, its that simple. Every Care Area Assessment (CAA) is covered plus many new CAA areas such as pain and community discharge/ discharge planning. Additional areas such as terminal illness, pastoral care, and special psychiatric programming are included. Warning! Hide this book from fellow caregivers, because when they see how easy care planning can be, they’ll want to borrow your Revolutionary Care Plans book and you may never see it again.

If you believe as we do that the residents come first you'll see that this system will enable you to spend valuable resident-contact time interacting, not writing, writing and writing some more. Join the battle to defeat excess paperwork. Join the revolution.

(Author / Editor : Steven C. Greenwald, MSW, LCSW, Copyright ©2011)


( Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader )

  1. General ACTY Involvement
  2. Diabetic Management
  3. Hypertension
  4. Wandering Elope Risk
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